Where do we go from here?

- 2019 -

We are at a standstill,
We never thought a dystopian future would be that boring.

Lagging Armageddon. Harry is saying goodbye.
And it is taking forever. The house is on fire and panic should have set in by now.

Making art is weird when the house is on fire,
but we’ll play. We have to know if there is a way out of the hole.

First, you must throw the pasta on the wall to see if it sticks.
Second, you throw everything else. Al Dente. Ducking duck. Everything is now stuck to the walls and we realize we got sidetracked. And we don’t know what in or out of a hole means anymore.

Where do we go from here?

TAP Artspace

with Pier-Anne Mercier

Exhibition photos courtesy of
Morgane CG

Montréal, Canada